Sept.3: recording session with Scenes, Seattle, WA

Sept.5: Christo’s, Salem, OR w/Anandi Gefroh

Sept.6: Brother Don’s, Bremerton, WA w/Mark Lewis

Sept.7: Kaede Pinkhouse, Portland, OR w/Yoshiko Oda and Matt Toshima

Sept.7: workshop, Artichoke Music, Portland, OR

Sept.11: Corkscrew, Portland, OR w/Mike Doolin

Sept.12: house concert, Portland, OR w/Mike Doolin

Sept.13: The Jazz Station, Eugene, OR w/Frank Kohl and Dave Captein

Sept.14: workshop, Jazz Night School, Seattle, WA

Sept.14: Egan’s, Seattle, WA w/Frank Kohl and Steve Luceno

Sept.20: house concert, Troisdorf, Germany w/Sebastian Klassman

Sept.21: workshop/concert, Troisdorf, Germany w/Sebastian Klassman.

Sept.22: concert, Drehwerk, Bonn, Germany w/Sebastian Klassman

Sept.26: duo concert, Schaffhausen, Switzerland, w/Manfred Junker

Sept.27: duo concert, Wil, Switzerland, w/Manfred Junker

Sept.28: duo concert, Lindau, Germany, w/Manfred Junker

Sept.29: house concert, Konstanz, Germany, w/Manfred Junker

Sept.30: jam session, duo gig, Stockholm, Sweden, w/Gustav Lundgren

AUGUST 11-24:

N.California/Nevada tour w/concerts, gigs and workshops in Redding, Berkeley, Sacramento, Petaluma, Ukiah, Roseville, Ross and Reno

JULY 2019

July 6: Artichoke Music, Portland, OR w/Adlai Alexander

July 7: House Concert, The Dalles, OR, solo

July 9: Spite House, Seattle, WA, solo

July 12: Jules on the Green, Essex Junction, VT w/Jerome Monachino

July 13: Memorial Hall, Wilmington, VT w/Chris Bakriges

July 14; Ayuthai, Guilford, CT, w/Joe Cardinale

July 19: Private party, Halifax, VT, w/Chris Bakriges

July 21: Brunch gig, Newport, NH w/Billy Rosen

July 26; Arrivaderci, Portland, OR w/Bob Bowman

July 27: The Jazz Station, Eugene, OR w/Bob Bowman

July 28: Nicoletta’s, Lake Oswego, OR w/Bob Bowman

July 30: House concert, Portland, OR w/Jocelyn Medina and Bob Bowman

July 31: Corkscrew Wine Bar, Portland, OR w/Bob

JUNE 2019

June 2: house concert w/Anandi Gefroh, Portland, OR

June 3: house concert w/Dave Glenn, Portland, OR

June 4; house concert w/Jonathan Swanson, Portland, OR

June 7: duo w/Mark Lewis, Brother Don’s, Bremerton, WA

June 8: duo w/Mark Lewis, Westside Pizza, Kingston, WA

June 9: house concert w/Matt Toshima, Portland, OR

June 9: workshop, The Dallas, OR

June 10: house concert, solo, Kennewick, WA

June 11: house concert w/MJ Williams, Basin, Montana

June 12: duo w/Bob Bowman, Petroleum Club, Billings, Montana

June 13: duo w/Bob Bowman, Craft Local, Billings, Montana

June 14: duo w/Bob Bowman, Thirsty Street Brewery, Billings, Montana

June 15: duo w/Bob Bowman, Wild Ginger, Billings, Montana

June 16: duo w/Bob Bowman, Walker’s, Billings, Montana

June 17: trio w/Bob Bowman, house concert, the Cikan’s, Bozeman, Montana

June 19: trio w/Bob Bowman, Plonk, Bozeman, Montana

June 21: trio w/Bob Bowman and Jeni Fleming, Big Sky, Montana

June 21: trio w/Bob Bowman, Red Tractor Pizza, Bozeman, Montana

June 22: house concert, solo, Spokane, WA

June 23: quintet w.Susan Liechty, Tula’s, Seattle, WA

June 24: recording session w/Miles Black and Kevin Woods, Vancouver, Canada

June 26: trio w/Brent Follis, Nonna’s, Portland, OR

June 27: duo w/Bruce Phares, Egan’s, Seattle, WA

June 28: trio w/Greta Matassa and Clipper Anderson, Tradition’s, Olympia, WA

June 29; duo w/Anandi Gefroh, Bay City Arts Center, Bay City, OR

MAY 2019 / Asia Tour:

Hong Kong:

May 2: Sense 99, solo

May 3: Terra w/Chi Ho Choi

May 4: Peel w/Chi Ho Choi

May 5: Dose w/Chi Ho Choi

May 6: workshop, location TBA

May 7: Lost Star w/Chi Ho Choi

May 8: 1563 W/Chi Ho Choi

May 9: FCC w/Chi Ho Choi

May 10: Geko w/Chi Ho Choi

May 12/13: private lessons

May 14: Foxglove w/Chi Ho Choi

May 15: TVFSJS w/Chi Ho Choi

Bangkok: workshops and concert, May 17-19, locations TBA

May 24: workshop, Western Oregon University, Mollala, OR

May 25: workshop, Jazz Night School, Seattle, WA

May 29; Teutonic Wine Company, Portland, OR, trio w/John Lakey and Alan Jones

May 30: workshop, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA

May 30; Guitar Summit, Ballard Jazz Festival, Seattle, WA w/Rick Mandyck, Jeff Johnson, John Bishop

May 31: Living Room Theater, Portland, OR w/Brian Meyers

APRIL 2019

April 5: Neighborhood Church of Greenwich Village, 269 Bleecker St, New York, NY w/Lage Lund and Rogerio Boccato

April 6: house concert, 501 W.110th St, New York NY, w/Mike Zilber

April 7: WOOL Community Radio Station, Bellows Falls, VT, workshop and concert w/Draa Hobbs

April 9: Five Towns College, Dix Hills, NY, workshop

April 12: The Bar Next Door, MacDougal St, New York, NY w/Jay Anderson and Rogerio Boccato

April 13: Cool Cat Music, Montclair, NJ, workshop

April 13: Freemansburg, PA, solo house concert

April 16: St, Michael’s College, Burlington, VT, workshop

April 17: Catskill Mountain Pizza, Woodstock, NY w/Rich Syracuse and Jeff Siegel

April 24: SUNY Oneonta, Oneonta, NY, workshop

April 24: the B Side, Oneonta, NY, quartet gig

April 26: Hartwick College, Oneonta, NY, workshop and concert

April 28: The Mouzon House, Saratoga, NY w/George Muscatello

MARCH 2019

March 1: The Blue Hour, Portland, OR w/Bobby Torres and Randy Porter

March 2: Craft 19 Espresso, Sumner, WA w/Frank Kohl

March 3: The Depot Restaurant, Seaview, Wa, solo

March 6: The Musicquariaum in the Triple Door, Seattle, WA w/Frank Kohl

March 8: Brother Don’s, Bremerton, WA w/Mark Lewis

March 9: Kingston, WA, w/Mark Lewis, location TBA

March 10: Teutonic Wine Company, Portland, OR, jam session w/Jon Lakey, 1:30-4 PM

March 10: Corkscrew Wine Bar, Portland, OR w/Rob Scheps and Bob Bowman

March 12: North City Bistro, Seattle, WA w/Frank Kohl

March 15: Wilf’s, Portland, OR w/Greta Matassa and Clipper Anderson

March 17: Jazz Vespers, Portland, OR, w/Mike Horsefall, Laurent Nichol and Brent Follis

March 21: Barca Lounge, Seattle, WA w/Phil Sparks and Adam Kessler

March 22: The Latona Pub, Seattle, WA w/Phil Sparks and Adam Kessler

March 23: Workshop, WA Academy of Music, Silverton, WA

March 24: Workshop, Seattle Jazz Guitar Society, Seattle, WA

March 27: Nonna, Portland, OR w/Brent Follis


Feb.2; Art Boutiki, San Jose, CA, John Stowell/Mike Zilber Quintet

Feb.3: California Jazz Academy, Berkeley, CA, workshop

Feb.4: Tall Toad Music, Petaluma, CA, workshop and solo concert

Feb.5: Oakland Arts High School, Oakland, CA, workshop

Feb.6: Sonoma State University, Sonoma, CA, Forum

Feb.7: Cabrillo College, Aptos, CA, workshop

Feb.8: The Strum Shop, Roseville, CA, workshop and concert w/Ellen Johnson

Feb.9; Palo Alto (location TBA), workshop and solo house concert

Feb.10: Modesto house concert (location TBA) w/Johnny Valdez and John Albano

Feb.11: Dante Club, Sacramento, CA, concert w/John Stowell/Jeff Alkire quartet

Feb.12: Dry Creek Kitchen, Healdsburg, CA w/Randy Vincent

Feb.13: Arcata, CA (location TBA), solo concert

Feb.14: Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, WA w/Kendra Shank

Feb.15: Seattle, WA, house concert (location TBA) w/Kendra Shank

Feb.16; Olympia, WA, house concert (location TBA) w/Kendra Shank

Feb.17: Frankie’s, Vancouver, BC, Canada w/Kendra Shank

Feb.20: Inn at Northrop Station, Portland, OR, solo gig (Portland Jazz Festival)

Feb.22: Classic Pianos, Portland, OR, w/Kendra Shank and Randy Porter (Portland Jazz Festival)

Feb.23: Eugene, OR, Broadway House Concert Series w/Kendra Shank

Feb.24; Bellingham, WA, Art of Jazz Series w/Kendra Shank, Jeff Johnson and Jud Sherwood

Feb.28: Salem, OR, Chrsto’s Pizzeria w/Anandi Gefroh


Jan.3rd: Corkscrew, Portland, OR w/Ben Graves

Jan..4th: Attic Gallery, Camas, WA, solo

Jan.5th: The Blue Hour, Portland, OR w/Dan Faehnle

Jan.7th: Rhythm and Rye, Olympia, WA w/Frank Kohl and Steve Luceno

Jan.9th: Nonna, Portland, OR w/Brent Follis

Jan.10th: The Jazz Station, Eugene, OR w/Frank Kohl

Jan.12th: house concert, Portland, OR w/Jonathan Swanson

Jan.15th: Triple Door, Seattle, WA, w/Frank Kohl

Jan.22nd/23rd: workshop/lessons, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ

Jan.24th: concert, Interference Center, Flagstaff, AZ

Jan.26th; The Nash, Phoenix, AZ, quartet concert

Jan.27th: Philip England Center, Camp Verde, AZ, quartet concert

Jan.29th, Sherman Oaks, CA, Guitar Night w/John Pisano

Jan.31: San Jose State, San Jose, CA, workshop


Mid-late November: gigs and workshops in New York, MA, Vermont

Dec.2nd: Cornell University, workshop/concert w/Steve Brown and Paul Merrill

Dec.3rd: Zinc Bar, New York, NY

Dec.6th: workshop, Berklee School of Music, Boston, MA

Dec.7th: Weathersfield Inn, Weathersfield, VT w/Steve Ellis

Dec.9th: Arttistree, W. Pomfret, VT, concert w/Draa Hobbs

Dec.13th: Speakeasy, Albany, NY w/Mark Kleinhaut

Dec.14th: house concert, Woodstock, VT, house concert w/Sonny Sauls

Dec.15th: Speakeasy, Albany,NY w/ Evan Jagels and Graeme Francis

Dec.16th: Hidden Valley Eatery, Washington Depot, CT w/Scott Chamberland

Dec.18th: Spare Time, Northampton, MA w/Draa Hobbs and George Kaye

Dec.23rd: Home Restaurant, Branford, CT w/Jeff Fuller

Dec.26th: Freemansburg, PA, house concert w/William DeRaymond

Dec.27th: Cool Cat Music, Montclair, NJ, workshop.

Dec.27th: Trumpet s, Montclair, NJ, w/John Ellis

Dec.28th: 55 Bar, New York, NY w/Kendra Shank and Dean Johnson

Dec.29th: house concert w/Cary Gang, New York, NY

Dec.30th; New York Restaurant, Catskill, NY, w/Chris Pasin

September/October/early November: European tour, workshops and gigs in Germany, France, Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Spain


July 14; L-Ecole w/German Siman, Julio Goytia, Roderigo Alvarez, Cordoba

July 15-20: Jazz Camp, La Escuelita, Cordoba

July 24: Vicente Absurdo, Buenos Aires w/Juampy Juarez

July 25: Centro Cultural; Tucuman w/Julio Goytia, Nico Goytia, Mati Goytia

July 27: Bon Apetit, Buenos Aires w/Juampy Juarez

August 2: concert, Santa Rosa w/Alberto Acosta

August 3/4: concert and workshop, Villa Mercedes w/Esteban Ramos

August 8: recording session, TAMABA, Buenos Aires

August 9: workshop, EMU, La Plata w/Juampy Juarez


August 12: house concert, Modesto, CA w/Johnny Valdez

August 15: concert, Motion West Studios, Berkeley, CA w/Mike Zilber

August 17: Laughing Planet, Reno NV, w/Hans Halt and Andy Hegland

August 18: Art Boutiki, San Jose, CA, w/Mike Zilber and Dillon Vado

August 19: Cafe Pinkhouse, Saratoga, CA, w/Mike Zilber

August 21: recording session w/Mike Zilber, Berkeley, CA

August 22: workshop/solo concert, Tall Toad, Petaluma, CA

August 24: Dio Deka, Los Gatos, CA w/Kevan Smedt

August 25: house concert, Danville, CA, w/Mike Zilber

August 29: Rivino Winery, Ukiah, CA w/Charlie Tresca

August 31: Brother Don-s, Bremerton,WA, w/Ray Ohls trio